I'm continually thinking of fun things to create in my spare time. More often than not, there is little time spare and no time to hack on things outside of work.

In a sea of unfinished work, here is list of small projects that I have put online over the years:

🍪samesiteExplore how the SameSite attribute on cookies affects browser behavior
diduthinkGenerate a feedback poll with QR code using emoji reactions
cmdchallengeChallenges on the command line
🌐ipResponds with the IP address of the request.
🤯*.respGenerates an http response based on the subdomain. E.g., 200, 404, 418, etc.
🔓nosslForces an http connection, sometimes useful for getting to the wifi login page, same as neverssl.com or example.com.
💤sleepSleeps for an arbitrary number of seconds or milliseconds. E.g., 1s, 100ms.