• Reddit front-page visualization

    Using data from page-watch.com this shows a time-lapse of reddit overnight on January 20th taken at 5minute intervals. This excludes images which is why there are occasional jumps where advertisements are.

  • Simple highscore tracking with Python / Flask

    Below is a quick tutorial on how flask web framework might be used for simple highscore tracking. All of the source code the state game is now on github. This code will accept an AJAX GET or POST at the end of each game so that scores can be tracked and read. Since the use-cases are simple it’s easy to write the tests first: class StateTestCase(unittest.TestCase): def setUp(self): self.db_fd, state.app.config['DATABASE'] = tempfile.

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  • Singing Marioman

    Using an attiny13A and some leds and a speaker create a musical marioman.

  • The State Game

    Below is a recent weekend programming project that I did to play with canvas. Who doesn’t like a geography game? It uses a simple svg image for the map with a canvas overlay to detect state clicks. On the back-end it uses a very short python script with web.py. Most people who tried it out found the rotation to be annoying and difficult; for me it makes it more interesting :)

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