1. Building cmdchallenge using Lambda and API Gateway in the AWS free-tier with Docker and Go

    Mon 24 April 2017 By jarv

    Have you ever thought about building a side-project for fun without spending a lot on hosting? This post might be for you. With the most tech-buzz-wordy title I could conjure up here is a quick overview of how cmdchallenge.com is built. The site is a simple web application side-project that executes shell commands remotely in a docker container in AWS. The front-end gives the feeling of a normal terminal but underneath it is sending whatever commands you give it remotely on an EC2 instance inside a Docker container.

    The source code for most of it is located on github …

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  2. User Submitted Solutions

    Sat 04 March 2017 By jarv

    Adding to the interesting 191 ways to echo hello world I've now added the ability to see user-submitted solutions to cmdchallenge.

    There are some gems if you dig through them including maybe the longest regex I've ever seen for pulling an IP address out of a file:


    Also scrolling down the page of solutions to the corrupted text problem is glorious.

    The solutions are not updated regularly right …

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  3. figlet breakout

    Fri 24 February 2017 By jarv

    I was looking for a cool ending for cmdchallenge and decided to dust off a 2 year old javascript project which created a breakout game from figlet fonts. Not quite a full re-write but fixed a lot of bugs and did away completely with coffee-script. More info on the github page.

    Or you can click here to play.

  4. 191 ways to echo hello world on the command line

    Wed 08 February 2017 By jarv

    It's been about 12 days since the launch of cmdchallenge, a weekend project to create some common command-line tasks that can be done in a single line of bash. One common request has been to share user-submitted solutions. Or to put it another way, you may be wondering what do random people on the internet and hackernews type if you give them some basic command-line tasks and a shell prompt? Well lucky for me this is no longer a mystery!

    Starting off with Challenge #1:

    CMD Challenge #1: print "hello world" at the bash prompt

    There has been a lot …

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  5. Reddit front-page visualization

    Wed 21 January 2015 By jarv

    Using data from page-watch.com this shows a time-lapse of reddit overnight on January 20th taken at 5minute intervals. This excludes images which is why there are occasional jumps where advertisements are.

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