The stages of a side project

One experience of mine, though it has roughly mapped to previous side projects:

  • Wow this thing that has no business model is a cool idea, I wonder if anyone has done it before?
  • This is fun, let’s spend an evening hacking on it
  • Wow this is taking way more time than I thought it would …
  • Can I do this without spending any money? Let’s use AWS free tier to get this going
  • OK let’s ship this thing, wow it’s getting a lot of attention! Front-page on hackernews, subreddit, etc.
  • I’m totally ready for this, I have a scaling plan
  • Oops my scaling plan is completely useless because the bottlnecks are not where I expected they would be
  • Wow traffic really drops off when it isn’t on hackernews 🤔
  • Oh wait someone tweeted it, there goes traffic again..
  • I should probably add CI to make this a bit easier to maintain
  • OK things are stable again
  • Wait my free tier is about to expire, let’s figure out how to host this for free by using multi-cloud
  • Whoa this is taking longer than I thought
  • .. years pass
  • OK something is broken and getting some email complaints, I really have lost interest in this thing
  • Have a free weekend, let’s look at the code from years ago
  • Good god, it’s terrible
  • Well, a bunch of things are now deprecated, let’s at least fix that
  • OK so if I am going through this trouble I should probably re-write some of it, especially the last parts that were just thrown together…
  • Whoa this is taking longer than I thought…

Introducing a newer version of cmdchallenge .. A lone survivor in a sea of broken things I have had an itch to build.